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Welcome to Eions

FREE SHIPPING with our newest Professional Sample Pack which includes mutiple copies of our newest Magazine and Newspaper - Only $89.99.  Share it with your newest recruit(s) and see sales soar!

Eions offers educational sales tools designed to inform and enable distributors to become the information source to show prospects the benefits of drinking structured, ionized, alkaline water. 


We believe the only barrier between you and your potential customer is education. Your first impression is one of your most important assets as you educate the public about the wellness benefits of restructured, ionized alkaline water. Your image is your 'brand.' Our mission is to create the tools that make you a credible  information source – the  'go to'  person – for facts about restructured ionized water and how to purchase a high quality home water ionizer. 


Our professionally designed print and digital products feature vibrant images and colors in an easy-to-read layout that enables anyone to follow and understand the benefits of this amazing water. The Eions library of products is constantly growing and features reports, books, folded brochures, and DVDs. These independent, third-party, educational publications feature information from leading physicians, and testimonials from real people with real experiences. 


The best way to discover all that Eions has to offer is to order a Professional Sample Pack which comes with free shipping. This package contains all of our different products which allow you to specify the information that you share with your prospect and make a more personal connection. We have literature that targets multicultural groups of people with different interests including weight-loss, aging, and athletics.


As we celebrate our 7th anniversary there’s never been a better time to leverage your sales by using Eions tools. We’re now offering free shipping on all orders over $270.





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